Buzzzzzzz… buzzzzzz….buzzzzzz… ouch!

Mosquito at swimming pool

It’s mosquito time again. Just as we are preparing ourselves for the hot weather, surf n sunshine, BBQ’s in the back yard and social gatherings … out come the mossies. Those pesky, blood sucking, buzzing & flying insects that really get on our nerves. Since we’ve had such a wet spring the numbers of mosquitoes already out and about have skyrocketed. It may surprise you to know that mossies don’t fly far, so if you are experiencing an increase, it might be time to check your back yard for their breeding grounds.

Sumitomo Chemical suggests that the number one component to effective mosquito control is to reduce potential mosquito breeding sites (Newsletter on 31-10-16 8:45 AM). They recommend checking:

  • Ponds, fountains & bird baths
  • Plant pots & bromeliads
    stagnant water in plastic pot vase, in a bathroom.

    A possible breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  • Blocked gutters & drains
  • Puddles
  • Swimming pools with low chlorine levels
  • Rain water tanks with inadequate mosquito screening

There are two other main components to successfully eliminating mosquitoes from your home, but these are better left for the professional – applying a product to breeding sits that prevents mosquito larvae from developing & applying a product to surfaces that prevents adults from breeding.

Another thing to remember is that mosquitoes use their sense of smell to determine a good source of food, for them this is your blood, so if you can use a product containing DEET on your body, you will no longer smell delicious to mosquitoes.

According to there is a “Mosquito plague coming to NSW, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland” (article here) , the Brisbane City Council is already spraying and managing populations at approximately 2700 sites.

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