In November one of our techs Andy was doing a routine termite inspection, getting down and dirty into a very old & creepy sub-floor for a customer in Bowen Hills.

He was filming as he went in and what he found was pretty incredible – a huge termite (species Coptotermes) mud lead running from the ground up to the underneath of the bathroom floor. The termites were most likely attracted to this area due to the moisture and the easy-to-chew timbers that we a result of common bathroom leaks.

You can see in the video that the sub-floor area is quite difficult to access for Andy, but of course it’s an extremely good place for termites to gain entry into your home also. That’s why it’s very important, vital even, that your inspector gets into the sub-floor every single time he inspects your property.

If missed, this particular species and a number of others that are predominant in South East Queensland, could cause some significant damage to the timber in the bathroom area and you may be up for some hefty renovation costs as a result.

As always the best option is to have an expert by your side. If you feel as though you are due for an inspection and you are wanting the very best – give Conquer Termites a call on 3088 2100 or email