SE Qld home with mulch and timbers in gardenAre there termites in your garden?

Recently one of our customers mentioned she had found live termites in her garden. When Conquer Termites arrived on site to inspect and check all garden surrounds we found that multiple tree stumps around the property were providing a prime nesting site for termites and therefore there was a high amount of pressure on the house. This particular home had mulch around the gardens to keep weeds at bay but this is generally an open invitation for termite infestation as was the case here. Luckily we were able to treat her termites and to carry out a full termite inspection to give her peace of mind that the termites hadn’t gotten into her house.

Stump in green grass with termites

Here’s how to know if your garden is a “termite mecca” and what to do about it:

  • Decks – Most decks are connected to a house which makes it a perfect opportunity for termites to gain concealed entry into your structure (access can be gained underneath without being seen).
  • Tree stumps – Prime nesting location for termites, dead roots left in the soil may also be infested and provide termites concealed entry into your house (they love these areas).
  • Garden mulch – Termites may enter your house through small gaps and cracks in your brickwork under the mulched areas. Lay the mulch 75mm under the weep holes or swap to stones/other materials unlikely to attract termites.
  • Loose timbers around the outside of house can be an easy feast for termites, move them or use them but don’t leave them close by.
  • Leaking taps or water sources – check and fix up where possible as a termites second love in life after wood is moisture.
  • You find flying termites (alates) on your back deck or under lights in big numbers (20+ termites have landed near your home, they may have dropped their wings – this could be a sign that there are nests close by).

termite (alates) on cement floor

A lot of the above ringing true for you? What now?

  1. Start by rectifying any conducive conditions from the list.
  2. Contact us to test drill any stumps you are suspicious of.
  3. Book a full Termite Inspection to check they aren’t operating in your house.
  4. Rest easy knowing you can call Conquer Termites whenever you find something you feel might be termite related, once you are a customer of ours you won’t pay a call out fee.

Call 07 3088 2100 or email: for Peace of Mind this silly season.