The Department of Agriculture & Water Resources recently published information about the Formosan  subterranean termite – a termite species (Coptotermes formosanus) that Australia is very keen to keep out of the country for many reasons. This pest is aptly known as the super-termite!

They originated in China or Taiwan moved to Japan and was then found in the USA, South Africa & Sri Lanka (And that’s only the ones we know about). The most likely reason for it’s spread is shipping containers.

Some interesting facts that set them apart:

formosa termite


  • Large colonies (some with 7 million plus individuals) with many different castes (king, queen, soldiers, workers, alates) – each with their own duties to complete & different appearances
  • The colony consumes wood at a rapid pace, a single termite can consume up to 400g a day
  • Highly Destructive  – Cause major structural damage, to homes & timber forests/bush land
  • Attracted to lights – Focus on windowsills, light fixtures or spider webs.

One of the most concerning points that I came across was that:

“Once established, Formosan subterranean termites have never been eradicated from an area.”


What should you do if you find what you think is a Formosan Subterranean Termite?

  1. Collect a sample (Use a glass jar or a sandwich bag)
  2. Contact the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources (1800 798 636)
  3. Wait for further advice before disturbing any workings or nests

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