As a consumer, you cannot just rely on face value and smooth talking to know that you have hired a fully licenced inspector to check your home for termites. You should ask to see their Queensland Pest Management Technician Licence card that is issued by the Queensland State Government through  the Health Department. Also, if you are getting any treatment done, they should carry a BSA licence number.

Untitled-1Sadly in our industry, the practice of companies sending out unlicenced inspectors is not uncommon. Because the customer doesn’t really know what to ask for they can get away with this illegal practice. And this is what happen recently to a customer we were called out to help on the North-side of Brisbane. They used another company to do a pre-purchase inspection and got a report to say there were no issues with termites. Thinking they had a termite free house, they were completely shocked to find evidence of live termites in a wall only after a week of moving in.

That is a bad enough situation for any homeowner, but you can understand these customer being even more frustrated  after they though they had hired a true professional. What became apparent was that the inspector who conducted the pre-purchase inspection was not licenced and obliviously didn’t have the experience or knowledge to complete a thorough inspection. As they said, ” we wouldn’t have purchased this house if we had known!”


In Queensland, all inspectors should carry their Queensland Health PMT licence and should have appropriate insurance. Please check this link for more information about the licence requirements.  Or call these numbers at Queensland Health: Brisbane North Ph 3624 1111 Brisbane South Ph 3000 9148. Also, have a read of this document: Choosing a Pest Management Technician Information for Householders info sheet

You can have the confidence that all our technicians at Conquer Termites are fully licenced, experienced and insured. Please ask to see their licence card when they arrive – we are more than happy to show you. In fact, check each of our technician before they come to your home on our “Team” page. License photo