This week we had a new customer contact Conquer Termites Northside explaining that they had sighted Live Termites in one of their skirting boards. They mentioned that this was the only activity they found and that they would like us to treat this area. However, unbeknown to them, their was extensive termite damage from previous activity and a current hive of activity from live termites crawling in and around their walls that our Conquer tech was about to bring to light.

Using the Thermal Camera our technician found a “hot spot” in the wall suggesting a bivouac (or small interim termite nest). This sparked further thorough investigation throughout the home where we came across high moisture readings in the bathroom suggesting further termite activity.

We then used the Termatrac on the hot spot and found huge activity lines showing us the termites are very much alive and were causing damage to internal timbers completely undetected by the home owner.

After over 5 hours of work (including our standard full and thorough termite inspection combined with our initial termite treatment using Termidor) by our experienced technician, the home owner was given the all clear and advised that Conquer would be back in 2 weeks time for a follow up check and to make certain all activity has ceased and to be sure their home is completely termite free.

Often, it is a surprise to home owners just how much termite activity & damage can occur right under our noses. Termites are very quiet and very hard working pests who shy away from light and sound and operate in concealed areas.

If it’s been over 12 months since your last termite inspection or you have seen something unusual give Conquer Termites a call now on 3088 2100 or call your local area as listed on our contact page.

Feel free to send images of anything you think might be termite activity to