During a recent termite inspection in Wynnum West, one of Conquer Termites technicians found  live termites (Schedorhinotermes) in an external window frame and accessing the house through an adjacent internal bathroom. Watch the videos to see the active termites after being disturbed during our inspection.

The termites were localized to this area and were thoroughly treated on the day, luckily. However, left undetected they could have easily followed the frame work up to second floor and could have become a nightmare for this unsuspecting home owner.

Alex, the inspecting technician believes plumbing issues such as a leak in the shower, and against this side of house could be the main cause of entry into the home, being that moisture is a conducive condition for termites.

In this instance the home owner was vigilant in having her home inspected on an annual basis and she will now be installing a termite treatment using Altriset or Termidor to prevent future termite attacks and to give herself peace of mind.

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“Remember – prevention is better than cure!”