Over the past few weeks Conquer Termites Northside have been inundated by calls to inspect and treat live termites (or white ants) in bathrooms and ensuites across various suburbs in North Brisbane. With the ongoing showers and humidity recently it’s no surprise to us that termite activity has ramped up.

Today whilst booking in her annual termite inspection and general pest control, one of our valued long term customers from Toowong (who has yet to install a termite treatment) found evidence of live termites in her 3rd bathroom.

It goes to show that being vigilant (by checking your home for signs of termite activity and damage) and having  regular termite inspections, really is of the utmost importance. If we can act upon this termite activity immediately, home owners can save themselves the stress and probably thousands of dollars of repair work.

Imagine if this had gone unnoticed for 2+ years!

Another caller earlier in the month, had found termite activity and damage in both the front and back windows of his home in Albany Creek. He called to get one of our technicians out straight away and we were able to carry out a full inspection and initial treatment of the activity that day. We have since been back for the 2 week follow up check (included in our initial treatment & inspection package) and given him the all clear. Being worried that this could potentially happen again, he is now booking in his full external perimeter termite treatment for next week. Which, given the amount of termite activity recently and the leafy surrounds to his home, is a very good idea.

Other areas which have been experiencing higher than usual termite activity are:

  • Bridgeman Downs 4035
    termite damaged window sill

    Window sill hollowed out by termites

  • Newmarket 4051
  • Taringa 4068

If you have found what you think may be live termites, give us a call on 3088 2100 or email, we’ll give you free advice and be there quickly to give you back peace of mind!