Today Conquer Termites tech Dave Bell and myself installed a chemical treatment to a home in Cleveland. The house was raised on concrete posts and a brick footing along the front perimeter. Unfortunately termite damage was evident to a number of floorboards and wooden bearers throughout the sub floor.

Dave 20 May 030 Dave 20 May 017

What we also found was a significant amount of loose timbers piled throughout the sub floor – most containing severe termite damage. Loose timbers sitting on the ground are very conducive for termites, and its very likely these timbers attracted the termites before they ventured up the concrete stumps and into the floorboards. Loose timbers are all too common underneath many homes, and often the result of leftover building materials, or simply junk dumped there over the years, possibly even by previous owners or tenants, so you may not be aware of them. In addition to installing the chemical treatment today, we of course also removed as many loose timbers as possible from the sub floor.

Alex 11 Jun 002

We always encourage our customers to check under their homes and remove any timbers they might find in contact with the soil, or if they are intentionally stored, ensure they are raised off the ground. This is a very simple and practical step you can take to reduce the risk of attracting termites to your home.

If you have any concerns, or would simply like the peace of mind of having an inspection on your home, then please call us now on 3088 2100

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