Annual termite inspections are essential if you want to save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run and  prevent damage and expensive repairs. Our experienced Termite Technicians at Conquer Termites would be more than happy to come out and assess your property.

What is involved?

Our termite inspections involve a visual inspection of the accessible areas of your home for evidence of termite activity or termite workings/ damage. The areas that will be inspected include the interior and exterior of your home as well as accessible roof voids and sub floor areas, gardens & fence lines. Our technicians use top of the range technology (thermal imager, moisture meter, Termatrac)  to make sure you have the best service as well as the best result.

After the complete inspection inside and outside our technicians will provide you with a full written report which will cover surrounding areas at risk and a proposal what will outline the best procedure to protect your home.

What does the inspector look for?

Our Conquer Termites Technicians will look for any visible signs of termite infestation as well as current or previous damage. Your technician will also be checking for conducive conditions and any structural timbers in contact with the ground.

How long does the inspection take?

Our Pest Inspection takes approximately 60-90 minutes, depending on the size and conditions of the home and property. We can’t stress enough how important it is to qualify that the inspector your hire will do a proper and thorough inspection that is above the Australian Standards (this is the minimum requirement). Here at Conquer, that’s what we do best.

Who do I call?

Conquer Termites, of course!

If the termites are found early enough then the severity of damage can be greatly reduced.

So don’t wait, call us now on 3088 2100 or email:

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