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Last night, Today Tonight did a story speaking further on our earlier article about the colonies of Mastotermes found on the Gold Coast last week. Though they made a couple of mistakes (this is NOT the first time Mastotermes have been found in South East Queensland, it is at least the 3rd), and the story was somewhat sensationalised;  it does tell you a bit about the species itself and what to look out for. With the largest, most aggressive termite in the world just on our doorstep, all Brisbane residents have reason to be concerned.
The video is somewhat alarmist, and we’d like to just correct one other statement.  They said that “regular termite treatments won’t work against this ‘super termite’ “. That’s not entirely true, so don’t panic. If you have a baiting system on your property for termites, it’s true – these are completely ineffective against mastotermes. There are some other termiticides that need to be actually doubled to work against this nasty species.
BUT. The termiticide that Conquer Termites uses in it’s termite treatments is Termidor. Termidor is very effective against mastotermes.
So remember, the most important thing you can do (especially with such a fast acting termite) is get regular inspections done by termite specialists. Here at Conquer Termites Brisbane, each of our techs are specialists in the field of termites and can help answer any of your questions.
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