Good morning Brisbane! Happy Monday.  A busy day in the office today as our phones run hot and more and more people getting inspections and treatments done. We’re certainly heading into our busiest time of year, when termites are at their most active – they do love this heat and humidity.

It’s lovely to have positive feedback from our customers. It helps us to know where we are going right, and, where necessary what needs work.

A couple of wonderful testimonials to share with you this morning for two of our North Side techs, Joel and Andy.


Wendy from Chapel Hill recently had a Termite inspection performed by Joel.  She stated:

Joel was a very kind, patient and systematic technician who went about the house inspection extremely thoroughly. He explained everything in a way that was easy to 

understand. He was very punctual, courteous and thorough.

It’s very important, when anyone is doing work on your home, that they take the time to properly explain to you what they’re doing. It’s easy for experts to forget that not every homeowner is going to be familiar with the technical terms they are using, the tools, the chemicals or even what your treatment plan really entails. If they haven’t explained it to you in a way that makes it crystal clear to you – Stop them. Ask them to be more clear. YOU are the customer. It is YOUR home, so you, above all else need to be comfortable and confident in what is happening, and the technician doing the job.  Happily, in Wendy’s case, Joel was able to provide her with all of the information she needed to make informed decisions and be confident going ahead with the job.

Les and Sandy from Stafford Heights had Andy out to do a chemical and physical termite treatment installed in their home recently.  They were thrilled with Andy and his team, and the work they did.

Andy and the team were extremely punctual, courteous and explained everything in a way that was easily understood. The work was carried out quickly with minimal disruption to the exterior of the house and the are was left clean and tidy.  The work people were polite and very professional.

Again, when you are letting a team of professionals into your home, you should expect that they act in exactly that manner – as professionals.  How many times have you seen tradesmen or teams acting in a less than professional manner, messy, late, poor people skills? All technicians at Conquer Termite Brisbane are expected to be extremely punctual, courteous and professional, at all times.

And it is a condition of the job that we leave your home as we found it, wherever possible.  We want to leave your home protected, but without leaving an unsightly mess that you are left to clean up. You should expect nothing less from the people you choose to allow to work on your biggest investment.


We thank you so much for your feedback and testimonials.  If a Conquer Team works on your home and leaves you with the quick questionnaire (there are only 4 questions on it, it takes just a minute or two), please consider filling it out.  It can only help us improve our service to you and future customers.