Andy and Alan from Conquer Termites Northside attended the McDowall Neighbourhood Watch meeting last night to talk all about termites in Brisbane.

They presented the following topics, followed by a lively Q and A:

* Termite background, typical behaviour, where they live, what they do (nest, moisture, food, nest 24/7) and conducive conditions.

* Tell tale signs home owners can look for:

1) Moisture arouNeighbourhood Watch Logond the house

2) Loose timbers & stumps

3) Mud tubes (especially near fences & perimeter)

4) Bubbled paint

5) Rippled timber

6) Alates (winged termites) flying in your house

7) Mud packs through walls

* What our techs bring to an inspection – experience, knowledge of construction, fresh set of trained eyes, tools (tapper, torch, moisture meter, bore-scope, thermal imaging camera and Termatrac)

* What’s different about McDowall and it’s surrounds – it was built in 80’s & 90’s predominantly, most houses were treated with Organocholorines (OC’s) – which have now lapsed, it’s also a very leafy suburb (which means lots of food for termites).

* Termite treatments and why termite management systems are so important in Brisbane

With all of the questions and information supplied the talk lasted almost an hour! It was a great evening, with everyone sharing their experiences and learning more about termites and their behaviour.

If you would like to know more, contact us on 3088 2100 or send an email.