Here at Conquer Termites, we value your opinion and your satisfaction on our perfomance over anything. As far as we’re concerned, if we’ve gotten rid of your termites or pests, and left you happy with our professionalism and approach to you, then it’s a job well done.

If you’ve had a termite inspection or treatment recently, you may have been given a brief customer feedback form to fill out.  We can’t tell you how much we appreciate having these returned to us. Your honest evaluation and comments are  so important. It tells us not only whether we’re on the right track, but if there are any areas that we need to improve on.

A couple of happy customers from last week certainly made our week when they posted in their feedback forms.

Joel Mitchell - Conquer Brisbane North Technician

John from Albany Creek  marked all areas of the form as “Excellent” and was kind enough to write:

Extremely Professional, courteous and thorough. Very highly recommended.

So well done to Joel, Andy and Jose for doing such a great job! It’s wonderful to hear that not only were our technicians professional and thorough, but courteous as well. Customer relations are so important in any industry, but can be sadly lacking in the people who come to do work in your home. We pride ourselves on technicians who are polite and personable. 

Andy Clarkin - Conquer Brisbane North Technician

Melanie from Kenmore said the following about Andy (Andy was on a roll last week!).Again, after marking excellent in all of the boxes:

Could not possibly be more happy with everything. Andy was just great and really cared about doing the best job he could. This is so hard to come by. His helpers were wonderful also. Thank you so much for a job well done!

So a big thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to fill out their feedback forms.  And if you do have a job booked in and are asked to fill one out, we’d so appreciate it if you could. They just take a minute of your time, and help us take even better care of you in the future.

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