Recently we were contacted by a home-owner in Parkinson.  He had previously had a treatment done on his property by a well known local franchised Pest Control company.  In their yearly inspection, they had discovered that the termites had returned and had an active nest in the front yard (remember – old sleepers used as garden barriers are a very inviting meal for uninvited house guests).

The Pest Controller gave our customer a very vague ‘plan of action’, with little information, using an inferior generic baiting system, no reassurance to the homeowner that the treatment would be successful (obviously the technician didn’t have a lot of faith in his own system, so how can he expect his customers to?) and a whopping  quote!

Smart man that he is, our homeowner immediately set to work doing his own research. He investigated local Brisbane Termite Management Companies and found our website. He familiarized himself with our preferred Termidor treatment (this is the termiticide we prefer to use, it has at this point proved to be far superior to anything else on the market) and then looked for reviews on both the company and the termidor termite treatment system. (This is a good tip for anyone looking for a termite inspection or termite treatment. Ask around. Look online for recommendations and testimonials. Nothing speaks louder than a satisfied {or dissatisfied} customer).

He called us the next day and Nick from Conquer Termites South Central came out to look at the property. Nick is a termite specialist and offered (as all Conquer Termite Technicians do) a free assessment of the property and consultation with the homeowner on the best course of action for their home. (No two homes are exactly the same, so treatment recommendations will vary).

Nick spent time with the homeowner, answering his questions and addressing his concerns honestly, and straightforwardly (no fear tactics or pressure sales from a Conquer Termites technician – our promise to you). Nick detailed a Termite Management Plan, left the customer and his wife with a DVD about Termidor and how it works, and then left them to make an informed decision on their own.

It didn’t take them long. Impressed by Nick’s obvious expertise in both termites and Termidor, the thoroughness of his assessment and his professionalism, as well as his very reasonable quote; the homeowner was confident enough to call Nick back the very next day.

We were fortunate to be able to get started on the job just 3 days later (always a welcome relief to an anxious homeowner who has termites taking up residence in his property).

Nick started with a full, thorough inspection. Using his thermal imagine camera, as well as his other tools, he conducted a comprehensive search for termite workings. Fortunately there were none yet in the customer’s home.  A full Termite Management Treatment was still the recommended course of action (to prevent an infestation) and the team got started right away.

It was, admittedly, a large, slightly complicated job. There were hot water systems and air conditioning units to work around. And then – there was the deck.

Nick had to remove about 20m of pavers to install the termiticide

To install the Termidor treatment he had to carefully lift up about 20 metres of pavers, dig a trench to remove the crusher dust. Then he applied termiticide to the soil at the bottom of the trench. He added screened soil (it’s best to use a sandy loam), and then applied more termiticide to the soil.

Then we cut a small line in the deck to pull up the existing floorboards, adding soil under the deck. We soaked the area in Termidor, saturating the soil and providing plenty of protection in that area (always be aware of areas like this, that are harder to get access to for inspections. You want to be very thorough with them).

We screwed a new bearer onto the existing one, predrilled the floorboards and nailed them back down. Certainly this was a reasonably labour intensive job but we’re proud to say that Nick and his team left that property as they had found it, you could barely tell that they had been there at all!

The end result - cleaned up, hosed down, you can barely tell there's been major work done on this deck!

Which led to one very satisfied customer, who was moved to email us this glowing testimonial (emails like this make our day, boosting all Conquer Termite Technicians. It is wonderful to feel appreciated when we work so hard to meet an exacting standard of work).

Be assured, all of Conquer Termites technicians are trained, qualified experts in our field. We take a huge amount of pride in both our customer relations and our promise that we will leave your property in the state we found it – just without the unwelcome pests.

So, if you are looking for a pest control, termite inspection or termite treatment, give Conquer Termites Brisbane a call.  We are proud to offer a free half hour consultation to assess your property and give you our recommendations for the treatment that will best suit you.

Find us here on our booking page, on Facebook or on Twitter (@ConquerTermites). Or call us direct – Southside – Rowan : 3399 1226; North Side – Alan: 3356 8801 or South Central – Nick: 3343 3934