It was a gorgeous day in Calamvale when we received a call from a very concerned customer wanting a pest inspection and he also explained the distressed situation he was in. The customer in Calamvale explained to us that the cornices of his home (cornices are the trims in the corner of the walls and ceiling) looked like they were coming away from the ceiling and walls.

Pest Inspection

Nick the Termite Inspector was called to inspect the home and on arrival Nick checked the areas of concern and also found the plasterboard looked like it was being squashed. At Conquer Termites South Central we do not jump to any conclusions, so we strongly recommend our free half hour check. As Nick checked the cornices they seemed quite solid, but the plasterboard looked to be crushed. The homeowner gladly started taking off the roof tiles so a more thorough inspection of the roof could be done and on doing so, to our amazement, we could see exactly what was happening.

Termites (white-ants) had been attacking the top plates to the point where the roof had sunk 2 inches or 5cm from the weight. After we took various tiles off we could see about 7 metres had been attacked and was like newspaper. The concerned homeowner could not believe how this could happen. (Please see the photo on right).

The homeowner in Calamvale went ahead with a Full Pest Inspection on the spot. After a very thorough pest inspection was completed it was quite clear that there was no signs of any Subterranean Termite activity or damage inside the structure. Termites (white-ants) had gained concealed entry into the house and chewed their way straight to the top plate. Fortunately or unfortunately as the roof dropped this actually scared the live termites out of the structure. The sinking of the roof might have been a blessing in disguise, otherwise the termites would have gladly kept eating the structural timbers in the roof.

Termite Treatment

In our industry a lot of homeowners will not install a Termite Barrier using the transfer poison Termidor until it is too late.  It is recommended that a termite treatment be installed before termites have done significant termite damage costing in excess of $10, 000.

Our advice to you is simple, protect your biggest asset before it is too late.

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