Buying your dream house comes with numerous requirements and checks. Apart from getting your finances approved, the second most important task is to check that the house is structurally sound and not being eaten by termites. Nobody wants to buy a dud with unwanted tenants!

You have probably typed in Google; “Building Inspection Brisbane” and got a wall of companies offering you a combined termite & building inspection service for a special price. Is it possible that the same inspector can be an expert in both fields? In our opinion, not really.

If you go down the combined route you will probably engage an experienced ex-builder that has gone and got his/her appropriate units of competencies from a RTO to register to be a timber pest inspector. He has not had years of experience dealing and treating live termites. But dangerously, he thinks he knows enough.

What are the pitfalls of getting one guy to do both the building inspection and the timber pest check done?

  • They cannot offer you firm treatment options, they will only recommend that you seek a company that is licensed and equipped to do a treatment. What a hassle! Means you have to call around again and organise a company that can actually do this.
  • They don’t specialise in termites, is just an added on service to make their price more competitive.
  • Their knowledge is mainly self-learnt, they are not in a specialised termite company that offers supportive ongoing training.
  • Two pair of eyes running over the house is far better than one.
  • These combo inspectors will quickly recommend that an invasive inspection needs to be conducted to an area that has indicators (thermal camera & moisture meter readings) that there might suggest termite activity. They should be equipped with a Termatrac device that picks up movement behind a wall and really know how to use it.

For more information about Conquer Termite’s specialise Timber Pest Inspection, check this page and watch our video. Get a company that really knows termites and can fully advise you on treatment options.

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