Deception Bay Roof VoidIn the past couple of years it has become really apparent to me just how important having a pre-purchase pest inspection is. Considering South East Queensland has so many termite species that are destructive and also that the most common type of construction here is in the highest risk category (According to our insurance company), its no wonder that most inspections find either termite damage or termite activity.

I feel the pressure of the prospective home buyer though, there are so many considerations to be made when heading into the world of home ownership – building aspects, renovation requirements, finance, pest issues, location, moving costs and general scheduling nightmares like when the heck are we supposed to get this all done.?!

Recently, we carried out a pre-purchase building & pest inspection for a lovely customer in Deception Bay. They were very concerned that the house had a previous termite treatment (2005) and visible termite damage internally.

Deception Bay Termite Damage

Unfortunately the home was in the highest risk category for not only the above reasons but also because of the construction type – infill concrete slab & brick veneer – basically the whole timber frame of the house is hidden! Cue collective “gasp”! This is a lot to take in for some people and considering some building materials like timber & plasterboard (gyprock) had been replaced internally, alarm bells were ringing!

Our technician did a very thorough termite inspection and found damage to the rear half of the house, evidence of a previous invasive inspection, wood decay (rot) and water leaks. We’ve reported on all of this (with loads of additional pictures) and recommended an invasive inspection to put this potential home owners mind at ease. Internal Post

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