We are facing a natural phonomena that we haven’t experienced in over 10 years that will lead to an increase in termite (White Ant) infestations.

Queensland rainfall Dec 2010

 With the record rainfall that we have experienced in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast this spring and into summer, the ground has soaked up high levels of moisture. This has an extremely beneficial affect on termites in two ways.   

(1) Because the soil is wet and easier to tunnel through, termites can forage greater distances from their nest in search of food (timber) and importantly source moisture directly from the soil to function. Where there was no history or evidence of foraging termites, you’ll find all of a sudden termites. They’ll start to pop up everywhere around your home and it won’t be long until they find a concealed entry point into your house.  

(2) With the wetter soil the chance that reproductive termites (Alates) can survive after they take to flight and mate with another Alate increases dramatically. It’s all a matter of finding a moist area with timber (stump, logs, loose timbers and trees). They can quickly establish their own colony and within 4 to 6 years have built a large mature nest that will eventually put pressure on your home.  

We strongly recommend that if it has been more than 12 months since you have had your home professionally inspected, that you call us now to arrange an appointment. Just as important, if you don’t have a current chemical treatment protecting your vulnerable home you should seriously consider the option. For many homes in Brisbane it will just be a matter of time before they are affected by the fresh wave of termites.