Last week Conquer Termites Northside were called to a beautiful house in Chapel Hill to install a Sentricon Always Active Monitoring & Baiting Station system as part of the termite management program. Always Active Drill Hole

There were bricks around the perimeter of the house including throughout the pool area so we needed to pull them up, drill down into the soil and install the bait stations. Luckily we have exactly the right tools for the job.

Monitoring & baiting systems have come along way over the past few years – Sentricon Always Active provides 24/7 protection for homes, as the rod that is inserted into the station is a mixture of attractive food and poison for termites. This means as soon as the termites get to the station they are effectively being treated, rather than waiting to call your technician to check and then bait, these rods do the work for you, immediately.

Bait station in ground

An increased number of our customers are leaning towards these Always Active stations as they get peace of mind knowing that they are effective all year round and for up to 5 years total. If you are considering a termite management plan, ask your technician to explain the benefits of Sentricon’s new monitoring & baiting stations – you may be surprised just how efficient they are and that we can back them with Rapid Solutions’ TimberSecure & our own company warranty.

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