At the start of April two of the Conquer Termites Northside technicians installed a Sentricon Always Active system at Ballina St, Kippa-Ring. When we returned to carry out the first monitoring & baiting station check we found one completely eaten Sentricon rod (see below). We refilled the station with a new rod and advised the customer we would be back in 4 weeks or less for another check as the stations were successfully active.

Completely eaten Sentricon Rod

Completely eaten Sentricon Rod








When we returned we were quite surprised to find more of the Sentricon Always Active stations containing live termites (Schedorhinotermes spp.). For more information on this species of termite, check this website:

The pressure on this home from surrounding termite nests or

Termites eating Sentricon Rod

Schedorhinotermes spp. Termites eating one of the other Sentricon rods

colonies must be quite substantial and the home owners are very fortunate to have installed the baiting system in time to catch them before they potentially got to their home and made a meal out of it.

We will return again in a few weeks to check all stations installed at the property and to replace any other rods that have been consumed.

It’s really important as a home owner to know how much termite pressure your house is potentially up against and the best way to find out is to have a pre-purchase pest inspection when your first purchase the home and to have at least annual termite inspections after this time.

Conquer Termites cater for all types of termite reporting & pest control:

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Termites in Sentricon Rod

The second station containing live termites.