Sentricon Always active imagesSentricon AlwaysActive™ is now certified by CodeMark™ for use in pre-construction premises. CodeMark is a voluntary accreditation scheme for new products that may be used in the building industry. Produced and maintained by the Australian Building Code Board, the CodeMark list provides assurance to builders and developers that the product certified meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

CodeMark certificates are approved through internationally recognised accreditation bodies that evaluate a product’s conformance to the Australian Standards via a performance based approach. In the case of Sentricon AlwaysActive, a technical evaluator reviewed all of the data provided to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority for product registration, in addition to a list of additional Australian and International studies. This same evaluator also attended several installations to ensure adherence to the label and technical manual instructions. At the same time, a separate auditor visited the Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod manufacturing facility in the United States to ensure processes and documentation were aligned. The collective reports were then reviewed by two separate bodies. This in-depth assessment is required to provide Australian builders, and the general public, assurance that every material used in construction meets the BCA.

Dow AgroSciences Pest Management Business Manager, Mrs Joanne George explains “Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods were registered in Australia in June last year. This registration allows Professional Pest Managers to install or upgrade existing systems to this revolutionary new product. With CodeMark accreditation, it now allows owners of newly built buildings to also have the benefits of AlwaysActive.”
As all mainland areas are prone to termite damage, new constructions in Australia must comply with specific requirements for termite management. To date, this usually takes the form of a physical barrier (termite meshes and caps) and a chemical barrier. Chemical barriers require trenches around a structure filled with hundreds of litres of termiticide that may be breached with any structural additions, landscaping, a digging dog or even a tree root. Sentricon AlwaysActive may now be used to replace this chemical barrier.

Sentricon AlwaysActive is a system of stations installed discreetly into the soil around the perimeter of a structure with Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods installed in each station. Termites find the rods and carry the active ingredient back to the colony, where elimination begins. The active ingredient affects moulting which termites go through regularly, so when affected termites reach this developmental stage, they die. As their death is not associated with the Sentricon Station, the colony continues to feed on the rod. As the active ingredient is so specific, Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods pose no risk to users or the environment. As the system is composed of multiple stations, these may be relocated or added to as the building and/or its environment changes over time. The system is also comparatively affordable, both to install and maintain.

Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association President, Mr Vasili Tsoutouras, has been involved in the in-field testing of Sentricon AlwaysActive over the past few years. From his lifetime of experience in this industry, he believes that Sentricon AlwaysActive “ is going to be a great product, consumers are going to love it, it’s exactly what they think a [termite] baiting system should be now.”

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