Conquer Termites Brisbane North spends a good deal of time in Ferny Hills and its surrounding suburbs. We have become one of the area’s leading pest control and termite inspection specialist teams. For peace of mind, professional service and the comfort of someone who’s genuinely familiar with your area, look no further than Conquer Termites Brisbane North. No one knows termites (or as some call them, white ants) better than we do.

We specialise in Termite (White Ant) Inspection, Detection and Treatment Plans.

Houses in Ferny Hills and Ferny Grove face significant threat from termites. In fact, we have looked at our statistics and found that Ferny Hills is among the top 5 suburbs we are called out to do Termite Inspections.

Ferny Hills is a popular suburb and is surrounded on 2 sides by Bunyaville and the Samford State Forest, with plenty bush land, forest and the literally dozens of parks and reserve; and it is certainly understandable why so many are choosing to take up residence there.  It is very attractive to potential homebuyers and established residence, as a suburb less than 15kms north west of Central Brisbane.  Added to that convenience is also its natural appeal. Ferny Hills and its neighbor Ferny Grove are also situated right on the edge of Brisbane State Forest Park.

Why Ferny Hills is at high risk of termite invasion

Conquer Termites is called out to Ferny Hills and Ferny Grove’s leafy streets very often. There is a lot of bush land and a lot of fantastic parks in the area running along creeks and reservoirs , so an abundance of trees gives the suburb a wonderful feel. It therefore, also provides a very inviting home to termites. Coptotermes and Schedorhinotemes (Brisbane’s most prolific termites) are presented with a veritable feast of bush land and Gum Trees (Eucalyptus trees are their favourite place to start a colony and build their nests).

And because there is such a lot of bushland and forest, termite alates (the breeding termites who fly away from nests to start colonies) are attracted to the area.

A good majority of Ferny Hills homes were built in the 60’s and 70’s, which means that most chemical treatments installed when the home was built have well and truly worn off; leaving properties susceptible to re-infestation. There are also newer areas, built in the mid 1990’s – mostly brick veneer homes.  In the same vein, many homes in the area have undergone extensive renovations, and most don’t realize that when they do this they MUST get their chemical and physical barriers updated.


Many of Ferny Hills and Ferny Grove homes are high set homes, from the late 1980’s and the 1990s. Many of these homes have been built in underneath, leaving them particularly vulnerable to termite infestation, because many of these renovations are done after termite management systems are in place, and home owners do not think to reinstall them.  Did you know that termites can actually be eating your house, undetected for up to 10 years?  This alone seems a good reason to have regular inspections if there ever was one.

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