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Conquer Termite Brisbane South’s office is located in Carina, only five minutes from Norman Park. We live, shop, attend school and enjoy life in your community. We are truly your local pest inspection and termite eradication company. Also we are one of Brisbane’s leading Pest Inspection (Termite – White Ants) and Pest Control specialist teams. Conquer Termites offers you the expertize and experience to bring you peace of mind in the battle against termites.

We specialise in Termite (White Ant) Inspection, Detection and Treatment Plans.

Houses in Norman Park face significant termite (white ant) threats. On average, Conquer Termites would conduct a chemical treatment to a home in Norman Park once a week. It is hard to put an exact figure on the number of homes that are being attacked and damage by termites in Norman Park, and we certainly aren’t the only company operating in the area, but it would be higher than most suburbs in Brisbane.

Reasons why the termite threat is high in Norman Park
  • The housing stock is on average over 60 years old. This means any original chemical treatment has expired, or due to past (many) renovations, the structure has been compromised allowing concealed entry for the termites.
  • As Norman Park is a more establish area, so are the gardens. This means there will be old tree stumps that could be harbouring a termite nest in your garden or your neighbours. Old timber retaining walls are as much of a threat as tree stumps. Also, Norman Park has many large trees and moist gullies – ideal enviroment for termites.
  • High percentage of park-lands that have a large number of native eucalyptus trees that normally harbour termite nests. This is especially so being so close to the Bulima Creek and Brisbane river.
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