Termite Inspection Boronia Heights.

Residents in Boronia Heights should conduct regular termite inspections as termites can attack their houses without the home owner realising. Conquer Termites will put your mind at ease that your house is free from termites or white ants. We usually conduct about four termite inspections in Boronia Heights a week and one of those houses will have live termites. Over the years technology has advanced and that is why all our termite inspectors use thermal cameras. So we can see through the walls. If you would like a friendly and professional company call us now.

Termite Treatment Boronia Heights.

Conquer Termites is your local termite company in Boronia Heights who specializes in termite protection and termite control in and around your suburb. As Boronia Heights is expanding so is the threat of termite attack as houses are being built on top of the bush. Termites or white ants will always be a threat in South East Queensland as we have the perfect climate. The average price to repair termite damage is between $3,000 – $8,000 and insurance doesn’t cover any repairs. We strongly recommend to install a termite treatment using Termidor before it’s too late.

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