Termite Inspection Forestdale.

Conquer Termites is your local termite company in Forestdale. Our Termite inspections in Forestdale are very thorough and we do our best to explain how to keep termites out of your house. We are well known in the Brisbane Southern suburbs that we are a very professional termite company operating in and around Forestdale. Our termite inspections take about one hour to inspect, as we check the fence line, external perimeter, internal timbers and the roof void.

All of our termite technicians use a thermal camera for an extra peace of mind for the home owner. The thermal camera is a highly technical tool which measures the surface temperature of the wall and if termites are hiding in the walls the thermal camera will detect them.

Termite Treatment Forestdale.

Conquer Termites is your local termite treatment company in Forestdale. We specialize in installing termite protection in Forestdale. Conquer termites installs atleast two termite treatments a week as more houses are being attacked. The general public don’t realise how to install a termite treatment. Here is a quick explanation. If the external perimeter of the house is surrounded by soil we dig a trench to the foundations and as we back fill we saturate the trench. If the house has concrete footpaths we drill every 200mm and inject 2 litres of Termidor into every hole as the chemical needs to be continuous around the house. Any house that doesn’t have a current chemical treatment protecting it is at a high risk for subterranean termite attack.

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