Termite Inspection Marsden.

If you need help with a termite inspection in Marsden call us now for some advice. We have been operating in Marsden quite some time now and we know how the houses are built. Most houses in your suburb are lowset so the threat of termite or white ant attack is extremely high. Every house in Marsden is built differently which means termites can enter the houses in many different ways, so it is wise to hire an experienced inspector. Some termite inspectors in Marsden do not use a thermal camera, which means they might not have done a very thorough inspection. We promise our thermal camera will find concealed termites in the wall without being invasive.

Termite Treatment Marsden.

If you need help with white ants in Marsden, we are your professional termite company who specialize in termite treatments and barriers. There are a few options for controlling termites in and around Marsden. If your worried about termites (white ants) attacking your home call us today for some free advice or quote. A known statistic in Queensland is that one in three homes have been attacked by termites. The repair bill ranges from $3,000 to $15,000, so install a chemical treatment before termites do damage. If you want to sleep better at night and not worry about termites call us now.

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