Termite Inspection Park Ridge South.

Termite inspections in Park Ridge South is sometimes forgotten as we are so busy with life, dropping kids off at sports or dancing classes etc. Unfortunately if your house is in their path termites will find their way into the home. A termite inspection in Park Ridge South is very important as most of the houses are brick veneer which means the timber is inside the bricks. Which means termites can eat studs, bottom and top plates before you even know they are there. All of our termite inspectors use a thermal camera to check the walls which gives the home owner extra peace of mind. Call us now to book your inspection.

Termite Treatment Park Ridge South.

A termite barrier in Park ridge South is a good way to protect your home against termites. Termite control consist of either termite baiting or chemical treatments. Baiting is an effective way to protect some houses but we strongly recommend a termidor treatment as it protects the house while you sleep unlike baiting programs. Baiting only works if someone is checking them on a regular basis. Conquer Termites is a strongly believer of the new transfer poison Termidor as termites don’t know they are travelling through termite poison.

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