Termite Inspection Regents Park.

Houses in Regents Park require a termite inspection on an annual basis due to the huge number of termites in your lovely suburb. Termite inspection won’t stop termites (white ants) from entering the house but it will keep the termite damage to a minimal. All our termite inspections are conducted using thermal imaging cameras for an extra peace of mind for our customers. If your house has not been inspected by a professional termite inspector don’t wait any longer and call Conquer Termites now and ask us about the thermal camera.

Termite Treatment Regents Park.

Conquer Termites install about one to two termite treatments a week in Regents Park. We are finding a huge out break of termites or white ants due to the wet hot Summers. Chemical treatments are installed using Termidor which is the best transfer poison on the market. Termidor is not detected by termites so when they forage towards the house they pick it up on their skins and transfer to whole nest eradicating the nest in about two weeks.

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