How is a termite chemical treatment – barrier installed?

What is the right chemical? …….What is the right treatment?

The subject of which termite treatment is “the best” is the one area which usually causes the most confusion for consumers, largely as a result of conflicting opinions, recommendations and prices they may receive from different companies.

To help you to understand what is involved, please watch our very informative video……

Conquer Termites believe that if you are given the right information and options, and it is explained in a language that you’ll understand, you’ll be confident that you have made the right decision. We will customise your Treatment Program so that it is specifically designed to suit your needs, and protect your most valuable investment … Your home.

What are the best products for a termite barrier?

What chemicals we recommend

How much does a termite treatment - barrier cost?

What are the warranties and insurance with these treatments?