Chemical Termiticides Options

BASF Termidor

Termidor is a non-repellent, “transfer poison”. It is undetectable to termites once it has been applied to the soil. Termites will actually blindly enter the treated zone, where the Termidor modules bind to their cuticle. Once this has occurred, it is only a matter of time before they die. And time is not on their side. Termidor’s unique Transfer Effect™ ensures that the Termidor is passed from one termite to the next and as a result, even termites that have not directly come into contact with the treated soil can pick up a lethal dose.

Termidor is also a very safe chemical to install around your home. In fact, the active ingredient, Fipronil, is the same as you use on your pets in the flea control product – Frontline. The concentrate applied to your cat and dog is the concentrate we dilute to make Termidor. Termidor has no odour and has no effect on plants and lawns.

We also use Termidor as our active ingredient in our dusting and foaming when doing the initial treatment. We find Termidor as a great active ingredient in eradicating live termites in a structure. It is completely safe and economical. The ideal combination.

New formulation – Termidor HE – The Right Choice for your home

Now new Termidor HE  makes it much simpler to create even more flexible and consistent protection against termites for your home.

A new level of effectiveness
  • Termidor HE has an advanced formulation which spreads much further through the soil than older treatments to create a more even and effective protective zone termite cannot avoid.
  • Termidor HE binds strongly to organic matter in the soil and, as long as the soil isn’t disturbed, stays in place for years. So it’s not just superior protection at the start. It goes on to provide the highest level of protection year after year.
  • The application of Termidor HE allows the wider spacing between drill holes which means we can normally drill in the grout line.

For more useful information about Termidor, see the Termidor Product Video or download the Termidor brochure

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Rest assured, Conquer is an accredited company with BASF in the application of Termidor HE.




 Altriset Termiticide

Altriset® termiticide liquid, with active ingredient Chlorantraniliprole which was formulated based on a naturally occurring compound found in the bark of a South American plant, Ryania speciosa, stops termite damage by targeting termite muscles and paralyzing them – they cease feeding within hours and stop damaging your home, the termites stay alive long enough to transfer Altriset onto other termites and back to the nest resulting in colony control.


Altriset is the safest termite treatment on the market, so safe that it is exempt from poison scheduling by the Australian regulatory authorities which means your pest manager doesn’t have to wear protective gear when mixing and applying the product. See the graph opposite to see how it compares – higher value means lower toxicity.

For more information on Altriset, see the technical flyer, one of our latest blogs or the website below.

(MSDS) : Australia-Altriset website 

Biflex Termiticide

FMC Biflex

This is a liquid repellent termiticide that has the active ingredient, Bifenthrin, derived from the molecular structure of natural pyrethrums. When applied correctly, it is a very effective and safe chemical for your home and garden environment. This type of chemical is excellent to apply directly to active termites in stumps and loose timbers. It can come with a warranty through the manufacturer, FMC. It is also very suitable to use with the sheeting product called Homeguard.

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Products Conquer Termite uses
FMC Homeguard

Conquer Termites is a fully accredited installer of the FMC Homeguard® Termite Management Systems. It is a very cost-effective and efficient system. Homeguard products cater for all situations and building requirements.

Links: FMC Homeguard information           Download Brochure



GREENZONE® is a termite barrier technology that integrates a compressible foam substrate with bifenthrin. Their Abelflex termite repellent foam layer is a brilliant solution for driveways and cold joins.

Reticulation System – ALTIS – Certified Installers



As certified installers of the patented Altis reticulation system, Conquer Termite can offer you the option of having a system installed around a structure that can be replenished at any time. When it is time to renew the chemical we only have to connect our hose to the feeder pot and pump new chemical around the house.

Due to the Altis unique perforated plastic membrane and special emitters, the chemical is guaranteed to flow out evenly ensuring that there is continuous chemical treatment at the base of your home. No need to dig up the garden or drill new holes again.