How to get rid of Cockroaches

Have you gone into the kitchen late in the night and turned on the light to be greeted by a few cockroaches scurrying away? Freaked out? What’s the best treatment to kill cockroaches?

Why are they a problem

Cockroaches can easily spread disease in the household, contaminating the environment by leaving behind both bacteria and droppings. Common types of bacteria that may be spread by cockroaches are salmonella and toxoplasmosis. And they look yucky.

How to prepare and how to treat cockroaches 


  • Empty bins regularly and ensure they have lids
  • Clear away food sources – do dishes daily, cover food or put it away, wipe benches clean (especially under kettle & toaster)
  • Clean pet bowls regularly
  • Seal cracks and crevice where cockroaches like to harbour (No-gaps is great!)

Conquer Termites

  • Apply gel bait to wet area cupboards – bathroom, kitchen, laundry
  • Apply a dust treatment under large appliances such as the dishwasher, fridge, washing machine etc
  • Dust in cracks and crevices where cockroaches like to harbour
  • Spray skirting boards with low-odour residual chemical that only targets insects and is completely safe for pets and humans


  • Reddish brown in colour – upper thorax (pronotum) having pale border
  • About 35 to 40 mm in length when adult
  • Flies in warmer climates
  • Favours moist areas – sewers, drains
  • Prefers these outdoor areas but will enter buildings
  • Nocturnal habit


  • Dark reddish brown in colour – upper thorax (pronotum) and front margins of forewings with pale borders
  • About 35 mm in length when adult
  • Nocturnal
  • Favours tropical and subtropical climates
  • Prefers outdoor areas
  • Will utilise wall voids, sub-floor areas
  • Shelters in organic materials


  • Amber in colour with two longitudinal stripes on thorax
  • 12 to 15 mm in length when adult
  • Has wings but does not fly
  • Widespread throughout Australia
  • Nocturnal habit
  • Rapid breeder
  • Favours moist, warm, internal areas such as kitchens