Do Not disturb the termites

Do not touch or spray
Don’t disturb them! Don’t be tempted to reach for a can of bug spray and become the exterminator. If you alarm them, by instinct, they’ll flee back to their nest until they feel it’s safe to come back. This means when you call a professional Termite Technician, (and you should) they don’t have the opportunity to identify the type of termite and might not be able to detect them in other areas in your home.


Cover the area where you found the termites

If you have poked or pulled the timber away looking for live termites, cover it as quickly as you can. We recommend using cloth tape or any thick tape that stops light and air going into the termites’ workings. We want to have the opportunity to apply a controlling agent to the live termites before they flee away.

The video below clearly illustrates what termites will do when they are disturbed. If an opening is made into their workings, the soldier termites will quickly rush to defend the breach. They will bite your fingers and extrude a milky latex liquid. They also make a knocking noise with their hads to raise the alarm. If you leave them alone, they will plug the breach with a mud packing. They never like to be exposed.

What you should do next?

Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection

eed an Expert Termite Inspector to check your home and offer treatment advice? Book a full Visual Subterranean Termite Inspection to the...