How to treat termites in loose timbers

Loose timbers on the ground are fair game for termites

Have you just turned over a few pieces of loose timber that have been on the ground for a few months and found what you believe to be termites? Wondering what you should do?

What you should do to treat live termites in loose timbers

Best option

Don’t disturb them anymore. Termites by instinct will immediately flee back to their nest if they feel threatened, it’s a survival mechanism. You might think they’ve gone, but they will be back!

Call Conquer Termites now to arrange one of our Technicians to apply a non-repellent transfer product called Termidor. Termidor is ideal in this kind of treatment as it is safe and effective in treating termites in loose timbers and in soil.






Panic option – don’t do

Don’t pick up all the timber and put it in the wheelie bin and think the problem is solved. Don’t rush off to Bunnings and buy a proprietary product that is unsafe and not the best approach. Follow the above advice.

  1. Never have timber in contact with the ground. Even treated timber eventually becomes susceptible to termites as the protection deteriorates with time.
  2. Ensure posts are concrete or steel and if they are timber, make sure they are separated from the ground by stirrups.
  3. Use non-edible material when you landscape – why give the foraging termites a restaurant?
  4. Get any large tree check by one of our Technicians.
  5. Remove tree stumps
  6. Prevent any excessive and continuous moisture in your garden (leaking tap, broken pipe). Termites need “gas up” on water before eating timbers.

It’s normal to have termites foraging in your garden all year round, particularly here in South-East Queensland where we have warm temperatures and ample moisture. Should you do something about it – absolutely. Don’t buy into the “urban myth” that if you leave the termites alone, they’ve politely not visit your home. It’s just not that convenient. Actually, if you don’t kill the termites in your garden, you’ll just be allowing the colonies to build up numbers to the optimal size so when they do find a conceal point of entry into your home, they will cause maximum damage.

As mentioned, there will always be termites foraging through your garden, you can’t stop them coming from neighboring properties but you can reduce and even eradicate the nest by installing a baiting program.