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Sentricon® AlwaysActive™

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Sentricon IG (In-Ground) Termiticide Rods have the benefits of both chemical barriers and bait stations, without any of their drawbacks. No mixing, no trenches, no poison. And colony elimination may be achieved before termites are even detected!

Sentricon AlwaysActive is active from installation, in stations around the perimeter of a structure, providing continuous protection from day one. All day, every day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How is Sentricon AlwaysActive different from other methods of termite protection?

A: Current termite management systems are either a chemical barrier or a baiting system. Sentricon AlwaysActive combines the best of both. Discreet Sentricon stations around the structure effectively form a continuous barrier. The Sentricon stations contain Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods, making it  active immediately upon installation. Termites may begin to be eliminated before they are discovered. Sentricon AlwaysActive offers the safety of a baiting system and the immediate protection of a chemical barrier.

Q: How does Sentricon AlwaysActive work?

A: Sentricon AlwaysActive contains hexaflumuron which is a chitin synthesis inhibitor. Termites prefer Sentricon AlwaysActive over wood, so when the workers begin feeding on the Sentricon station, they share the hexaflumuron with the colony. When termites next moult, they die as their new exoskeleton (made of chitin) is not strong enough. Without worker termites, the rest of the colony dies. The proof is in 30 independent university studies and 60 published scientific articles.

Q: Why is it called AlwaysActive?

A: Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods are in the Sentricon stations all the time offering immediate, continuous and lasting protection. Sentricon is highly durable (lasting over 5 years in the ground), and highly desirable. In palatability tests and field trials termites preferred Sentricon AlwaysActive over wood and liked it even better when it got old, cracked and mouldy.

Q: How can I use Sentricon AlwaysActive?

A: Sentricon AlwaysActive can be used pre or post construction, as a remedial or protective treatment.

Q: What about installation?

A: Installation is quick and easy. Sentricon stations are placed every 3 meters around the perimeter of the structure. The Sentricon Ready-To-Install (RTI) Station is sold with the Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod already loaded. So all that is required is to auger a hole, take the Sentricon RTI Station out of the box and insert it into the hole. There is no mixing, wetting or moisture required.

Q: Is monitoring still required?

A: To ensure continuous protection it is important to monitor the Sentricon stations every 3 to 6 months during the warmer months and every 6 months when it’s cooler. A Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod is replaced only when half or more has been consumed.

Q: My site already has baiting stations, can I use Sentricon AlwaysActive?

A: Yes, Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods can be retrofitted into any baiting station system that has been properly installed around a structure. Frequently Asked Questions About

Q:  Is Sentricon AlwaysActive Code marked in Australia?

A: Yes, Sentricon AlwaysActive was granted Code Mark accreditation in 2016. For more information check this link: Code Mark Accreditation

For more information, please check Dow AgroScience website: Sentricon AlwayActive, or check the Technical Manual 

Nemesis “Self” monitoring baiting systemNemesis Termite Baiting System

Nemesis baiting program is a fantastic straight forward system that the homeowner can self monitor. The mechanics of initially intercepting the foraging termites and then baiting them are similar to the Exterra system. But the cost is much lower as our labour expenses to monitor are out of the calculation.

In combination with a chemical treatment or as a stand alone preventative measure the Nemesis baiting system is proving to be a very popular product. It is probably the tangible fact of knowing that enough bait has been consumed by a termite colony to eradicate it that agrees with most homeowners.

How does it work?

Nemesis BaitInitially we come out to your place and professionally assess how many in-ground stations your property needs. The manufacturer recommends placement of between 3 to 4 meters apart around the house. We normally say a minimum of 10 in-ground stations.

In our assessment we are always looking for the most conducive areas to install the stations. Sometimes that means right against the house or in the garden beds at the rear of the garden – wherever the termites might be foraging the most.

The In-ground stations are specially designed to be installed into the ground to intercept the subterranean termites. The station will not attract termites to your property – the termites are already there. But the two special pieces of grooved blue gum makes certain that they’ll stop and have a feed. Another popular feature of the stations is that they have a secured lid and are strong enough to be stood on.

Nemesis SystemThe next stage is were you become involved. They need to be checked regularly. You need to open the lid with our specially provide lid opener and look inside. If you think you see termites then you give us a call. If you aren’t sure, take a digital photo and email it to us.

We will then arrange a time to come out to bait the affected station. The bait is effectively 99.9% pure starch, a highly desirable food source.
But unbeknown to the termites it is laced with an active ingredient that affects the whole colony. They don’t even know that they are the vehicle of their own destruction!

Some FAQs

How often do I need to check?
We say no more than once a month and many people do their checks every 6 weeks.

If one station has termites do I need to get all the stations baited?
No, we will only bait the active station(s). And it usually only takes a couple of bait bags to effectively kill a colony.

Are the chemical harmful to children or pets?
Not at all. If fact the active ingredient is less poisons than table salt.

How much support do I get?
We promise to instruct you to recognise the signs of termites. As we say to all our customers – “Don’t be embarrassed, just call us and we’ll come out for free to check if you’re not sure.” Remember, you be provided with a monitoring chart and a free lid opener and all the support you need.

How long does the system last?
As long as how long you want to monitor it. If a station has been baited and there is no more termite activity, we recommend that we clean it out and place new pieces of timber in it and start the process again. Remember that if you move there is nothing stopping you to pull them out and install them around your new place.

EXTERRA Interception and baiting system – Licensed installers www.exterra.com.auExterra logo

Installing Exterra Inground Stations around your home is effective and proven method to intercept the foraging termites before they enter your home. If you have concerns about installing chemicals in the ground next to your house, or the uniqueness of your home makes the installation of a chemical treatment unfeasible, then baiting is a great alterative.The Exterra Stations with the Focus attractant is the only baiting system that creates a complete termite interception zone around your home. CSIRO studies have shown that the larger the monitoring stations, the quicker any termites in your garden will find it, instead of your home.

Once you have chosen to have an Exterra Baiting System installed around your home, we’ll come out on a regular basis to check each station. If we find termite activity in any of the stations, we fill them up with the special feeding matrix – Requiem. This is a highly desirable and palatable food source that termites find more desirable than timber. We will keep replenishing the Requiem until there are no more termites feeding on it. Which means the colony that was foraging has been eliminated.

Call us now and discover if this monitoring system best suits your property and situation. Also, ask us about Exterra’s $100,000.00 Timber Replacement Guarantee.
Exterra backs their product with a guarantee that if termites were to get into your home and cause damage, they’ll pay for a builder to repair the damage. Now that’s a back up!

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