Pre-Construction – New Building Work

It is vital to install a termite management system at the time of construction to prevent concealed termite entry. In Queensland, Australia, it is mandatory to have appropriate protection installed by a licensed company to gain final certification. The system installed needs to be “Life of Structure”. That means it is required to last 50 years.

Requirements to install a Termite Management System to New construction

The license for an installer is different from Post-Construction (existing structure). They need these additional qualifications:

  1. They need to be licensed through the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) with both their Termite Management – Chemical & Termite Management – Physical.
  2. They need to have their Timber Pest license that is issued by Queensland Health
  3. They also need to have the Unit of Competency 42 – Install Physical Termite Management System
  4. They need to be officially accredited by the manufacturer of the system/product they are installing
What needs to be done to gain the appropriate paperwork to gain Certification:

Have a termite system installed to the manufacturer’s instructions by a licensed and accredited installer.

On completion,  these forms should be issued
  1. Form 43  is a document given to the Certifier stating the scope of work and products used.
  2. A Certificate of Installation (COI) to the Australian Standard AS3660.1 Termite Management Part 1: New Building Work
  3. A Durable Treatment Label – normally adhered in the electrical meter box
Type of Termite Management Systems installed – integrated at the time of construction.
  1. Cold Joins
  2. Cut-outs
  3. Penetrations and piers
  4. Top of slab protection
  5. Brick cavity protection
  6. Block walls
Type of applications
  1. Sheeting – Film
  2. Repellent action Abelflex – foam expansion joint
  3. Reticulation system – to deliver a chemical application
  4. A sealant application
  5. A parged application
  6. Hard particle cavity fill
Products Conquer Termite uses
FMC Homeguard

Conquer Termites is a fully accredited installer of the FMC Homeguard® Termite Management Systems. It is a very cost-effective and efficient system. Homeguard products cater for all situations and building requirements.

Links: FMC Homeguard information           Download Brochure



GREENZONE® is a termite barrier technology that integrates a compressible foam substrate with bifenthrin. Their Abelflex termite repellent foam layer is a brilliant solution for driveways and cold joins.

Reticulation System – ALTIS – Certified Installers



As certified installers of the patented Altis reticulation system, Conquer Termite can offer you the option of having a system installed around a structure that can be replenished at any time. When it is time to renew the chemical we only have to connect our hose to the feeder pot and pump new chemical around the house.

Due to the Altis unique perforated plastic membrane and special emitters, the chemical is guaranteed to flow out evenly ensuring that there is continuous chemical treatment at the base of your home. No need to dig up the garden or drill new holes again.