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Termite-Pest Inspection & Report

Check out our very informative video on inspections and reports – what you can expect from Brisbane’s leading Inspection Company.

Watch how Conquer Termites’ experienced technicians conduct a full and comprehensive inspection of your home. See how they use the highly specialized equipment such as the thermal camera and moisture meter and where they look to signs of termite activity in your home.

Conquer Termites inspection

The Australian Standards 3660.2.2000 spells out how inspections should be conducted, but here we go beyond the Australian Standard minimum. At every inspection we set excellent standards achieving excellent results. We’ll spend the “time it takes & more” to check your home and garden. You’ll receive a comprehensive & understandable 21 page report that contains digital photos of your property to help you understand. You’ll receive this report the same day by email. (This report is not a quick tick and flick type of report most of our competitor will offer you).

Technologies we use

Conquer Termites’ embrace technology that enables the most thorough inspection of your home. That is why we have made the investment to equip all of our Inspectors with a Flir e50 Thermal Imaging camera.  The Flir e50 cameras have the ability to detect thermal variance to <0.05 degrees Celsius using a 320×240 pixel resolution allowing the inspector to pick up the slightest variance in surface temperature which could suggest an area of termite activity.

When you home is inspected by one of our professional and fully licensed inspectors you can be reassured that  they’ll turn up with a thermal camera that can really reveal any hidden termites behind your walls.

Click here to see a video of how one of our thermal cameras finds a termite nest in a toilet wall.

Also, with every inspection, a Tramex Moisture Meter is used. This enables our inspectors to detect any high moisture content in the interior timbers. High moisture readings can indicate termite activity as they leave a moist trail and dampen their feeding front. Whenever we come across a situation in your home that has high moisture readings, we’ll use our Termatrac monitoring devises that sends microwave signat3i-pdals into the timber to detect termite movement. If we think you might have active termites but there is no visual evidence, then we can suggest a more invasive inspection using our Borescope Lens to look inside voids, cavities and walls.

We guarantee that you will experience the most thorough inspection and receive treatment options that are most suited for your home and the termite threat you might be facing. Remember, we also promise you’ll receive your detailed 21 page report and treatment proposal the same day by email. There’s service!

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