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Termidor – The best treatment option for homeowners in Brisbane

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Termidor is a non-repellent liquid chemical applied into the soil around the external footings of your home to protect it from termites (white ants).  It is the dominate liquid termidicide being used here in Brisbane. There are many reasons Termidor has gain such popular acceptance by homeowners as their  “first choice” chemical in the fight against termites.

Benefits of the transfer chemical – Termidor

  • The Transfer affect – It doesn’t just stop them, it also helps to eradicate the nests around your home. Termites don’t detect  Termidor in the soil. Termites come in contact with it as soon as they enter the treat zone and start to died straight away. Some, before they die, will take it back to their nest, where it is readily passed through the colony. 
  • It is a very safe chemical to have around your home. The active ingredient – Fipronil  (chemical family of phenylpyrazole) isn’t even rated as a dangerous chemical in Australia. In fact, it is the same active ingredient used in Frontline, which is applied “neat” onto your pets’ skin for flea and tick control.
  • Last for 8 years. The manufacturer, BASF, has stated that Termidor will be effective for 8 years. They have performed independent field tests in Australian conditions, against Australian termites, with outstanding results. Interesting, in the USA, Termidor is rated for 10 years
  • Now comes with a 2 Million Dollar Assurance Warranty through the manufacturer, BASF, at no cost
  • Conquer Termites believe that this  ”Transfer Chemical – Termidor”is a far more effective method in protecting homes in Brisbane than baiting or repellent type chemicals. This is especially true when applying the treatment to an existing structure. Especially where we need to drill and inject the chemical through concrete paths and driveways.

For more useful information about Termidor, see the Termidor Product Video or download the Termidor brochure

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 New Improved Formulation – Termidor HE (as in ‘High Efficiency’)

Now new Termidor HE  makes it much simpler to create even more flexible and consistent protection against termites for your home.

A new level of effectiveness
  • Termidor HE has an advanced formulation which spreads much further through the soil than older treatments to create a more even and effective protective zone termites cannot avoid.
  • Termidor HE binds strongly to organic matter in the soil and, as long as the soil isn’t disturbed, stays in place for years. So it’s not just superior protection at the start. It goes on providing the highest level of protection year after year.
  • The application of Termidor HE allows wider spacing between drill holes which means we can normally drill in the groutline.

Conquer Termites is an accredited applicator

Conquer Termite technicians are all license  and accredited applicators of Termidor , you can be assured that your job will be done to the highest standards.

2 Million Dollar logoAlso, Conquer Termites is one of the few select companies in South-East Queensland to be accredited through the manufacture of Termidor to offer homeowners that extra peace of mind with the choice to sign up for the Termidor 2 Million Dollar Warranty – at no cost.

Now the manufacturer, BASF, has established a new level of confidence, security and peace of mind with the Termidor Assurance Warranty. Offering cover for structural damage up to 2 million dollars, it’s just another example of Termidor’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Check our video to see exactly how we will treat your home: Chemical Treatment, how is it done

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Other Termidor Treatments – initial or topical treatments

Termidor foam

We also use Termidor as our active ingredient in our foaming machine when doing initial treatments. We find Termidor as a great active ingredient in eradicating live termites in a structure. It is completely safe and economical. The idea combination.

If you have just found live termites in your house, in a tree stump, or in a retaining wall, and there are still good numbers of the critters, then we have a chance to apply the initial treatment. The purpose of this treatment is to stop them clewing your house and if possible to eradicate the termite colony. We need to do this before installing a the Termidor treatment around your home home.  

Termidor Dust

Termidor DustTermidor dust is a new dusting formulation. It is basically the Termidor compound in a dust form. Once we have established the extent of the infestation we will drill small holes into the termite workings and gently apply it by hand puffing the Termidor dust. Once it has been applied into their workings, the termites carry the dust particles on their bodies and eventually back to the nest (where ever that may be). Being a very social and efficient insect it doesn’t take long for the active ingredient “fipronil” to be transferred throughout the colony.

The wonderful thing about Termidor dust is that it’s very safe to apply into domestic environments and has been proven to take as little as 2 to 4 weeks to eradicate a colony.We are finding that Termidor dust is very successful on the two prevalent types of termites in Brisbane.

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How we do a treatment, watch our video….

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