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White Ant Inspections & Treatments Brisbane

Have you just found live White Ants? Need to know what you should do?

As one of Brisbane’s leading White Ant (Termite) Treatment companies, Conquer Termites offers you the peace of mind that comes with finding an experienced, trusted team of professionals that really know how to get the job done. We guarantee we will inspect and install a treatment to your home that is most appropriate and to the highest standard.

Are White Ants, termites? Are they two different insects?

White ant is another name for a termite. The term ‘white ants’ is a misnomer. The only thing that termites really have in common with ants is that they operate in a caste system. In truth, they are much more closely related to cockroaches and are classified in the cockroach family (suborder of the Blattodea order).

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Now we got the technical side cleared up, it really doesn’t matter to you, the homeowner, if your house is under attack. Whatever we want to call them, won’t stop them eating your home.

What should you do? What is the right chemical? …….What is the right treatment?

Conquer Termites believe that if you are given the right information and options, and it is explained in a language that you’ll understand, you’ll be confident that you have made the right decision. We will customise your Treatment Program so that it is specifically designed to suit your needs, and protect your most valuable investment … Your home.

First step, get a professional technician out to your place……………

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More useful information:

Termidor – Transfer poison – the most recommended chemical treatment for homes in Brisbane

Conquer Termites believe that the new generation of ”Transfer Poisons”are a far more effective method in protecting your home. This is especially true when applying the treatment to an existing structure. As Licensed, Recommended Applicators of the most effective transfer poison, Termidor, you can be assured that your job will be done to the highest standards. For a direct link to our Termidor information page press Termidor.

How is a treatment done? Check our video to understand what is involved.

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