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TimberSecure® Termite Insurance

Don’t be eaten out of house and home. Protect yourself with a $100,000 TimberSecure Termite Insurance Policy.

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How would you like the peace of mind of knowing that if termites invaded your home and caused structural damage, you wouldn’t have to pay the repair bill. Well now this peace of mind can be yours!

What is it?

TimberSecure is a five year termite insurance policy designed to give you complete peace of mind following the installation of an approved termite management system.

A big weight off your shoulders

The TimberSecure insurance policy is underwritten by specialist pest management insurer, Pacific International Insurance Limited. It gives you security and peace of mind knowing your policy is backed by a company that understands the devastation these pests can cause.

You can relax knowing that the policy is a ‘no fault’ policy and you can be assured that claims can be settled quickly.

How do they get it

After the your home has had an approved termite management system installed, you can apply for the insurance policy through timbersecure.com.au or phone Rapid Insurance on 1300 302 549.

Once you ave paid for the policy they will send their insurance certificate to you. It’s that simple. You can download a brochure for more details here.

FAQ’s for Homeowners

How much does the policy cost and is it inclusive of GST?

  • $420.00 inclusive of costs for a 5 year policy.

How long after I have my treatment is complete, do I have to apply for the policy?

  • Application for the policy should be received with 28 days of the installation of a new barrier/system, or on the final check. Outside of this timeframe please contact our office.

Is the TimberSecure Policy just for new homes?

  • No, the policy can be issued on all free standing homes that have an approved termite management system

Which type of termite management systems are approved under the TimberSecure Policy?

  • Physical and chemical barriers and baiting and monitoring systems are approved.

If I go with a baiting and monitoring system can I monitor the stations myself and still get the policy?

  • No, the stations must be inspected by an accredited Rapid Solutions pest controller.

Do I have to keep having inspections after I have had the barrier/system installed?

  • Yes, as per the recommendations of the approved accredited Rapid Solutions pest controller with a minimum of 12 monthly inspections as per the Australian Standards.

Can any pest controller do the treatment?

  • No, only accredited Rapid Solution clients.


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