Difference between Termites and White Ants


In Australia, calling Termites, White Ants, is saying the same thing.  Technically, termites are in the cockroach family (Sub-order of the Blattodea order), and ants are in the wasp family (Order Hymenoptera). Termites bodies aren’t segmented, where ants are.

Picture of the difference between Termites and Black ants

Clear differences between ant and termite alates



Termites can be confused for Black Ants

They are roughly the same size and both operate socially in a caste system – Queen, Soldiers and Workers.

But they have a different food source and operate in different environments. As a rule, termites are subterranean (in the ground) and Black Ants scavenge on top of the ground.


Now we got the technical side cleared up, it really doesn’t matter to you, the homeowner, which insect it is, they’re both pesty critters.

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Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection

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