Another quick post about Conquer Termites South Central. Nick was doing a termite inspection recently on a property at Shailer Park and very quickly confirmed the presence of active termites in one of the bedrooms.  As he made his way around the home, speaking to the homeowner he discovered that the entire family was just weeks away from an extended trip to Malaysia. Obviously, weeks before an overseas trip is a less than ideal time to have to worry about the added expense of a Termite Management System, though obviously, it is not something that can be left.


Outside the home he came across a beautiful old Redgum that clearly had a lot of termite damage. It was apparent that this was the source of the initial termite nest. 100 metres away, at the garage he found extensive damage to the external weatherboard. The termites (schedorhinotermes, the most prolific termites in South East Queensland) had managed to travel the 100 metres to the garage and then further into the home to do their damage.  Clearly, the nest had been in place for quite some time.


There was really very little choice but for the Home Owner to agree to an immediate Termite Management Treatment Plan. As soon as they understood the extent of the damage already done to the home, and more importantly, the potential for much, much more they agreed. We straight away treated the home and the detached garage with Termidor.  In addition, Nick drilled 5 holes deep into the redgum (each one of these meeting giant cavities in the tree, more evidence that this was the source of the trouble)  and injected 2L of Termidor into each of them.  This should take care of the original colony and the nest, adding further protection to this home.


Shailer Park, while being a lovely area, is very leafy and most properties are surrounded by wonderful huge trees – perfect places for subterranean termites to nest and start making thier way to your homes.  In areas such as this, regular checks are absolutely vital to the safety of your home. Had the Shailer Park home owner been having regular checks done, this tree would have been noticed by a qualified pest inspector long ago, probably before the termites made it any where near the home.


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