One of Conquer Termites’ customers in Toowong was getting an electric shock each time he turned his bathroom light switch on. And you wouldn’t guess the cause?!…

Termites! Yes, you read that correctly.

They had mudded their way right into the back of the light switch bringing moisture with them which in turn caused the electric shock! Luckily we were able to send one of our technician’s out to investigate immediately by way of a full termite inspection and carry out the initial treatment to the live termites, that were causing this prickly issue.

Watch the video to see the damage for yourself.

On our two week follow up check (included as part of the initial treatment) the technician was able to pull out the switch and show the damage that the termites (spp. Coptotermes) had caused behind the area. It’s not unusual to find termites in walls or even behind switches, and it’s very difficult for the untrained eye to notice the signs but in this case the shock helped to alert the customer to what may be happening. Now that we have eradicated all live activity, Conquer Termites will be able to put a preventative termite treatment in place to give this customer peace of mind that it won’t happen again!

This is another reason why it is imperative to have at least an annual termite inspection! Call Conquer Termites‘ now to book in your full termite inspection on 07 3088 2100 or email to

What we find may just “shock” you!