Small Spaces – No Worries!

As termite inspectors and pest management technicians we often find ourselves getting into low and tight spaces in sub floors (under the house) and roof voids. We have a great technique for accessing some of the smallest of places… hire a small labourer hahaha.

Workers cottage in Milton

Beautiful 1920’s workers cottage, Milton.

While conducting a termite inspection and treatment proposal to a soon to be raised and renovated 1920’s workers cottage on the north side of Brisbane in Milton I realised that to install the chemical treatment I would need to get in to the far corner of the subfloor which was extremely low.

Sub-floor with limited space

Limited space in the sub-floor.

Now being 176cm tall and a touch over 100kgs I came to the conclusion that it would be quite the effort for myself to dig the appropriate trenches for a thorough treatment, luckily we have a few labourer’s at our disposal, one of which is young, agile and thankfully quite slim. So even though I had to squeeze my way in to apply the chemical, the treatment was installed without any head bumps or grazed knuckles.

Labourer in subfloor

A bit of a squeeze!

We make the job happen – big or small, with active termites or just proactive home owners, low or high and from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. We are the ones to call when you have termite concerns.

So if you have any termite or general pest concerns be they reactive or proactive please contact Conquer Termites Northside on 3356 8801 to have one of our fully qualified technicians come and see you today.

Written by Andy Clarkin