Recently we were called out to a house in Morningside, Brisbane, that had live termites. Our technician found termite workings protruding from a bedroom wall upstairs and several termite leads coming out of the ground up the concrete slab edge.

Morningside Hetro infestation Aug 2015 020

In some ways the homeowner was lucky that the infestation inside and entry points were so oblivious, most of the time termites eat the middle of structural timbers and gain conceal entry. Sometimes, it’s not until there is significant damage that they make themselves evident, coming to the layer of paint on skirting boards, door jams and window frames.
Morningside Hetro infestation Aug 2015 004

In this case our technician did a thorough inspection of the house to identify the extent of the termite infestation. Once this was established, he proceeded with the initial treatment to eradicate activity in the structure by applying Termidor Dust. Please watch the below video for an explanation of this procedure.

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