New Improved Formulation – Termidor HE (as in ‘High Efficiency’)


The manufacturer of Termidor, BASF, has recently released a new improved formulation of their trusted and proven termiticide.

Benefits of Termidor HE
  • Now new Termidor HE  makes it much simpler to create even more flexible and consistent protection against termites for your home.
    A new level of effectiveness
  • Termidor HE has an advanced formulation which spreads much further through the soil than older treatments to create a more even and effective protective zone termites cannot avoid.
  • Termidor HE binds strongly to organic matter in the soil and, as long as the soil isn’t disturbed, stays in place for years. So it’s not just superior protection at the start. It goes on providing the highest level of protection year after year.
  • The application of Termidor HE allows wider spacing between drill holes which means we can normally drill in the grout line.

If you would like to discuss treating your home with Termidor HE, give the team at Conquer Termites a call now on 3088 2100