Today Conquer Termites did it’s first Termidor termite treatment “Three-peat”.
We have now treated Sandra Vinson home in Coorparoo three times with Termidor to protect her home from termites.
The first treatment was applied in 2005 and then again in 2013. As Termidor has a manufacture’s recommended life of eight years, this third treatment will extend the protection to Sandra’s home for 24 years! It is great to have such loyal and long term customers that value our work and advice.
Thank you Sandra.
Why should you trust Termidor like Sandra?

Termidor is a non-repellent, “transfer poison”. It is undetectable to termites once it has been applied to the soil. Termites will actually blindly enter the treated zone, where the Termidor modules bind to their cuticle. Once this has occurred, it is only a matter of time before they die. And time is not on their side. Termidor’s unique Transfer Effect™ ensures that the Termidor is passed from one termite to the next and as a result, even termites that have not directly come into contact with the treated soil can pick up a lethal dose.

Termidor is also a very safe chemical to install around your home. In fact, the active ingredient, Fipronil, is the same as you use on your pets in the flea control product – Frontline. The concentrate applied to your cat and dog is the concentrate we dilute to make Termidor. Termidor has no odour and has no effect on plants and lawns.