In December 2014, a customer became suspicious when her pet dog was scratching and chewing at the wall in her bedroom. Curiously she looked close at the wall to notice what appeared to be dirt filling a small hole in the wall from the dogs paw. She decided to give us a call to conduct a comprehensive inspection, and here’s what we found with the Thermal Alex 30 Dec 019Imaging camera:

This ball of heat in the wall is a bivouac (a termite sub-nest) of the species “Coptotermes”, a notoriously aggressive termite species which often causes significant structural damage when infesting homes. The inspection revealed damage to numerous timbers throughout the Western perimeter of the home.

Alex 30 Dec 020 The live termites were treated on the day of inspection, and the following week the customer wisely decided to have a full chemical treatment installed around the perimeter of her home to prevent future termite infestations. The video clip shows what we found while preparing the chemical treatment:


If you have any concerns about your home, or would simply like a peace of mind inspection, please give Conquer Termites a call on 3088 2100.

Alex 30 Dec 021