We were called by a desperate homeowner from Tingalpa recently that found termites in her skirting boards in two areas of her home. It was a little bit disconcerting as one area of activity was near the front door and the other right down the other end of the house in a bedroom. There was no visual evidence where the termites had gained entry.

Concealed entry is common in houses that have external brick wall embedded into the soil. Termites will forage right up to the external perimeter and hunt out a gap between the bricks. This was confirmed when one of our technicians lifted a paver and found live termites during the inspection.

 Check this video to see how termites will travel directly under pavers.

This enforces the reason why homeowners should always have a current chemical treatment in place along the external footings to stop termites gaining conceal entry under concrete paths and pavers. If you have concerns or you want advice on the best way to treat your home, call us now on 3088 2100.