A question many homeowners ask our technicians; “Is this a bad area for termites?” Meaning, is their home located in an area where they are more susceptible to a termite attack. To answer that question you need to consider the macro and micro environmental factors that influence termites.

On a macro level, Brisbane is located in a high risk area, as illustrated by the CISRO map supplied below. Homes in these areas are at higher risk of being attacked by termites due to the high mean temperature experienced through winter and high rainfalls. Nests need to be maintained at a temperature between 25°C – 36°C. (Australian museum). Basically, the cooler it gets, fewer the termites. That is why Tasmania and New Zealand are termite free.


On a Micro level, (these are the factors you can see around your home). You can actually influence the outcome of your home being, or not being, attacked by termites. For example:

  • Large native trees – can harbour termite nests
  • Moisture in the ground near the house – provides conducive conditions for the termites
  • Construction of the house – structural timbers might be in direct contact with the soil allowing direct entry.
  • Tree stumps, wooden retaining walls and loose timbers on the ground allow a higher population of termites to survive near your home.
  • Current chemical treatment – this is the biggest positive factor to prevent termites attacking your home.

Control the things you can control and ensure your is not one of the thousand attacked by termites in Brisbane annually. Call us on 3088 2100 to arrange an inspection and treatment proposal.